Outsourcing Services

All of our services are available through outsourcing in the following models:

  • Offshore model – Insigma employees in China performing all of the work and interfacing with the client
  • Onshore/offshore model – work performed by a blended team of Insigma employees in China and the client’s IT employees
  • Onsite/offshore model – the bulk of services performed offshore in China but includes a small team of Insigma employees on site at the client’s location
  • Managed services

How we build teams for outsourcing services

We continually hire skilled talent globally and also have access to a large sustainable talent pool through 11 universities in China with which we leverage our global reputation. Three characteristics of hiring that our clients appreciate are:

  • When building a team to fulfill your organization’s needs, we don’t push our employees who are “on the bench” to fill the openings. We specifically look for people with credentials who possess the qualifications you specify.
  • If your organization  is “rightsizing,” when we fill the openings on a project team, we will consider hiring your employees who have the skills sets and meet the criteria for the project.
  • Your organization can meet and interview any employees we suggest for a team. We will also replace an employee on a team if performance is not to your satisfaction.

Continuity from negotiation and relationship structuring to ongoing services

Many buyers of outsourcing services encounter challenges because they initially build the relationship with the outsourcing provider’s sales/pursuit team, who end up not being the people the buyer will work with on a daily basis. This also creates challenges later if issues arise and there is no continuity with the people who structured the relationship and understood the nuances of the original intent, objectives, and assumptions.

At Insigma, the Program Director is the individual responsible for the day-to-day operations in an outsourcing relationship. The Director is involved at the outset in the development and implementation of the solution. In addition, the management executive who is involved in the sales, negotiation and relationship structuring phases maintains oversight of the relationship on an ongoing basis; should issues arise that require escalation, they escalate to this executive, who maintains continuity of knowledge of the parties’ initial intents.

Long-term relationships

Our approach to outsourcing services is always partnering oriented and from a long-term relationship perspective. We focus on not just continuous improvement but also look for other things can we do together, mutually beneficial opportunities, and what can we do to enhance and strengthen our relationship. We always look to provide value-added services where possible.

We recognize that some clients’ preferred outsourcing approach is project-based engagements and incremental services, and we are happy to work with organizations on this basis. However, we prefer end-to-end, full-service outsourcing engagements because it enables us to deliver even greater value. Regardless of your preference for project-based services or a full-service engagement, our approach is always partnering oriented.