Market Data and Analytics

Knowledge services, which comprises primarily market data research and analytics, require a high degree of customization. At Insigma, we never use a one-size-fits-all approach when providing services. Also, unlike some knowledge services providers that align their services with their own technology products, Insigma is not a technology products company. We design solutions that are specific to your business needs so that your organization will gain decision-making insights from the information collected and analyzed.

We have vast experience of delivering technology solutions in this space from having worked with leading market data and analytics companies to design solutions for data management. Our clients in this space include one of the largest research reports providers in the world.

Services include:

  • End-to-end research process – report writing, workflow process management, subscription and distribution of research material, maintaining research portals
  • Data analysis and modeling techniques – computing complex quantitative and forecasting modeling techniques for equities, fixed income and derivative instruments, data integration, data synchronization

In working with Insigma, your organization will gain a key ability to unlock significant value from knowledge services including risk mitigation and accelerating time to market with new products and services.