Our People

Insigma makes a world of difference. That’s a claim that matters. It doesn’t mean we have low-cost offshore outsourcing resources. It means we provide cost-effective, highly skilled resources that enable your organization to innovate at the pace and scale of your market needs.

A world of difference also refers to the type of people we hire and the opportunities we provide for them. We believe in people, and at Insigma we truly value our teams as our greatest asset.


We recruit top global talent and also recruit from the top universities and then provide our new employees with further training, including multicultural and domain knowledge training programs we have established with Fortune 50 companies. We look for three skill sets in potential new hires:

  • Specific technical skills
  • Demonstration of follow-through skills and responsiveness to customers
  • Excellent communication skills. If foreign language support is required for our outsourcing clients, we look for candidates that possess excellent written and oral language skills and cross-cultural communication skills


Our training programs have two focuses: continuous competency development and cultural awareness training. Competency training includes market best practices, mature processes, and in-depth vertical knowledge. We created a cultural exchange program through our alliance with Boston-based State Street Corp. with in-house training and overseas visits. In China, we provide 10 English classes per week for Chinese students. Each year, under the exchange program, approximately 150 man-months Chinese visit the United States and 20 – 30 man-months Americans visit Insigma in Hangzhou, China.

Retention program

Our attrition rate is lower than 10 percent. Our retention program includes the following components designed to ensure we retain highly qualified, high-performance employees for our outsourcing clients: performance-based bonuses per key performance indicators, job rotation, incentives (such as stock options) designed to develop corporate identity and an executive mentoring program.