IT Innovation and R&D

We work with clients that are facing highly disruptive trends in their marketplace and in their customer expectations. They need to deliver innovation – and do it faster. Our clients depend on us for their product development.

Our starting point is a strategy discussion with your organization to learn the purpose of the change you have in mind – your vision and your challenges in attaining it.

Our teams are proactive in breaking away from the status quo and viewing challenges in new and interesting ways. Our diverse and global teams, together with our collaborative, questioning culture enhance the outcomes we achieve. Companies tend to think in isolation or in boxes around profit/loss, business unit silos, and how they “always” do things. Insigma breaks away from this approach and brings fresh thinking.

R&D services. Our R&D services span all stages of the product life cycle including design, development, testing and quality assurance, incubation labs to test marketability, migration, and localization or globalization.

R&D alliance with Zhejiang University (#1 in China for innovation). In addition to our internal knowledge and diverse teams, we complement our R&D efforts with R&D resources of Zhejiang University. The Insigma – Zhejiang University joint R&D lab focuses on vertical network applications in financial engineering, multimedia alteration, next-generation network technology, and computer operation and embedded software systems.

At Insigma, innovation is not a buzz word. It’s a purposeful, designed approach to driving change and precision outcomes. Our management, investments and processes reflect our continual commitment to innovation. Insigma is also a core member company of the China national R&D programs in IT.