Healthcare Consulting

Insigma US provides consulting services for all segments of the U.S. healthcare market. Our consulting services program is multifaceted and combines our strategic healthcare expertise with our technical expertise to address clients’ complex objectives.

We provide strategic advice and support as follows:

  • Help take clients’ business forward
  • Identify barriers to achieving transformational objectives
  • Prioritize initiatives and implementation of solutions
  • Identify opportunities for reducing risks and costs
  • Identify opportunities for improving quality of care

Consulting Program Offerings

1. Enabling the CEO Agenda. Through these services, we help clients execute the CEO’s agenda, implementing strategies that enable achieving meaningful business results.

2. ICD-10 Implementation. Through these services, we advise clients throughout the ICD-10 implementation process. Early in the process, we focus on using the assessment data to define the business issues to help clients mitigate risks as well as enable business optimization. We use robust clinical datasets interpreted through the ICD-10 standard to model business change for payers and providers and to analyze the impact to processes, business rules, policies, and products in order to plan ICD-10 remediation efforts. We then continue to support the efforts through remediation into full production, then into analytics and business intelligence services to drive business success in the new ICD-10 world.

3. IT Consulting. Through these services, we ensure clients have compliant, state-of-the-art systems, enable faster new system implementation and faster remediation for ICD-10 conversion, and leverage innovation to mitigate risks and increase market share.

4. Supporting business transformation, operational and service excellence. Within these consulting services, we provide an in-depth analysis of clients’ challenges and opportunities for efficiency and productivity gains as well as customer satisfaction. We then develop solutions that enable business transformation.