In addition to our BPO suite of services for telecommunications providers, Insigma develops core supporting applications and value-added service systems for the telecom and wireless industry in China under the brand name of Telescope®.

The Telescope® software suite is widely used by such companies as China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Netcom.

The Telescope® suite provides features the following components:

  • Integrated customer management
  • Business operation analysis
  • Resource configuration and management

The business operation analysis component integrates data mining of massive business data and their advanced marketing management systems to improve profitability and competitiveness. It includes information distribution and decision support, business analysis and forecasting, and workflow management.

We recognize that integrated customer management systems need to be adaptive to support clients’ R&D and marketing strategies, so we ensure the solution implementation aligns with our client’s business development plans.

Client example

Insigma developed an internal archive publishing application system for a major telecommunications provider in China. The system needed to allow internal searching and reading.

This project involved setting up archive digital processing lines in eight branches of the client’s business along with a separate processing center and separate archive inventory room. The 50-member Insigma team has processed more than 20 million pages of images since 2005. Processing includes imaging, sorting, scanning, indexing, and quality control.

Benefits realized by the client include lower cost, standardization of archives, enhanced customer satisfaction and enterprise competitiveness through high image and service quality.