Client Testimonials

“The Insigma team has consistently delivered levels of commitment, domain expertise, technical skills, reliability and quality of service, which have all contributed to the creation of an important and strategic market distribution platform for us.”

“We’ve been working with Insigma for over 10 years spanning over 100 vital projects that are supporting us around the world by bringing innovation, integrity, intelligence and technical expertise to our business operations. We very much appreciate the talent resources which Insigma brings to us.”   

“Insigma distinguishes itself through its professionalism, efficiency and quality of service. The Insigma technical team is engaged in a project to modernize our proprietary legacy Vision system. The Vision Modernization Project will upgrade a highly labor-intensive, outdated technology platform to a robust, agile, state-of-the-art industry-standard technology. This critical advancement in technology and modernization of services is essential for the next generation of Vision to more efficiently handle requirement change, error processing, and implement new releases in timely intervals. Insigma has demonstrated outstanding consulting services and a commitment to excellence since the inception of our IT partnership.”