ICD-10 Testing

The conversion from ICD-9 diagnostic codes to ICD-10 is a significant disruption that requires business transformation. It isn’t sufficient to test just for compliance; healthcare entities must test for context and business functionality from end to end. ICD-10 testing  requires up-front evaluation, business analysis and business-outcomes modeling along with reconfiguring your unique business rules.

Our solution is unmatched in the industry. Here’s why: Our ICD-10 testing and remediation services use a unique method for creating accurate clinically based test cases. Our ICD-10 test data is based on clinical scenarios developed from actual clinical records that are coded in both ICD-9 and ICD-10. This database becomes the “gold standard” for payers and providers. It is the source of truth at the event level, which we then use in analyzing risk and financial impacts on your business and later combine with analytics to springboard to broader outcomes.

Benefits to you. We use the clinical datasets and analytics to accelerate ICD-10 remediation while, at the same time, lowering your costs and risk, and then add value.

Our business intelligence service delivery model delivers unprecedented capabilities to healthcare payers and providers in ICD-10 testing and remediation. Our services expand beyond ICD-10 to deliver actionable business intelligence.

We have a strategic alliance with Questas Consulting for some components of our ICD-10 services.