Insigma has rolled out service-oriented solutions throughout cities in China including Hangzhou, An Ji, Nanchang and Wuxi. Our solutions have dramatically saved time, effort and costs for more than 40,000 enterprises and government entities.

Our solutions are designed to establish an information service platform backed up with government-related data. With such platforms, enterprises can complete multiple tasks such as Web-based business license annual review and examination, Web based tax filing and Web based fee payment after their identities are authenticated. In addition, the solutions provide Web based confirmation to clients regarding task completion status.

We also cooperate with companies such as Alibaba and China Construction Bank Zhejiang Branch to jointly develop Web based commercial transaction market projects.

Document management services

Our BPO document management services include image collecting, data indexing, data conversion / digitization, and digital archiving.

Intelligent City solution. Our white paper, “Intelligent City,” describes Insigma’s innovative solutions for China’s fast-growing urbanization in the midst of severe challenges to city planners and managers in areas such as social stability, safety and sustainable development. For years, management of various city sectors used information technology to improve services, but these were siloed initiatives. As such, they have limited effectiveness in addressing today’s need for e-government services and a connected city with integrated operations.