Insigma’s History

The character of Insigma Technology Co. has been shaped over the last decade, from its early days as a pioneer in IT services in China to its current global expansion to better serve our clients’ evolving needs. Insigma Technology Co., Ltd. was publicly listed in 2001 when it acquired and consolidated several well-established IT and software companies in China that had been providing IT services since 1989.

Since 2001, the shape and operating names of our company have evolved as we established alliances and subsidiaries and as we established operations in the United States in August, 2008. Insigma has invested heavily in the U.S. market.

A member of the SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) 180 Index and SZ & SSE (Shen Zhen & Shanghai Stock Exchanges) 300 Index, Insigma is nearly a US$1 billion enterprise with operations in 31 cities around the world.

Our Chinese headquarters are located in Hangzhou, a major metropolitan city about 110 miles southwest of Shanghai and one of the most renowned and prosperous cities in China. Our Hangzhou campus is located in the government-established and supported Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone. Forbes rated Hangzhou as the top city in China for business (2004-2008). Among the 9,000 foreign companies in Hangzhou are 53 of the Fortune 500.

Our U.S. headquarters are in New York City.

Evolution of Insigma Technology Co. Ltd.

2001: Zhejiang Zheda Insigma Information Holdings Co. Ltd. established and acquired Zhejiang Natural Technology Co. Ltd. and other IT players. In June, Zhejiang Natural Technology Co. Ltd. changed the name to Insigma Technology Co. Ltd. The company was established by Mr. Yunhe Pan, executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former President of Zhejiang University.

2003: Insigma Technology formed a subsidiary, UniverseSoft Ltd., to provide services to State Street Corporation.

2006: Insigma Holding Co., Ltd. became Insigma Group. Zhejiang University was the first majority shareholder.

2006: Insigma Group and Zhejiang University signed a General Strategic Cooperation Protocol at the World Trade Center.

2006: Insigma Global Services Ltd. began operations.

2007: Insigma Technology and Microsoft Corp. launched a Global Strategic Collaboration.

2007: Insigma Technology and Boston-headquartered State Street Corp. formed Insigma HengTian Software Ltd joint venture.

2008: Insigma US, Inc. was established.