Document Management

Within our suite of BPO solutions, we provide document management, digitization, imaging, indexing, and archiving services. Our model is flexible; equipment can be provided by our client, or we can take our equipment to the client’s site, according to the needs of the project.

We use our proprietary EHAMS Digital Document Management System for sorting, indexing, and abstracting digital documents. Our system supports real-time search and retrieval.

Services include:

  • Image collecting services
  • Data indexing services
  • Data conversion services
  • Digital archive services

Our digital archive services clients include large enterprises as well as government entities with massive amounts of documents.

Examples of client successes include:

  • We conducted a four-year archive scanning project for a city. A 32-member Insigma team is processing two million pages per year for our client.  Currently in the fourth phase of this project, the total volume is expected to exceed 100 million archive pages.
  • We designed, developed, and implemented public service websites to support the Chinese government’s “Sunshine Initiative,” aimed at making governmental information public. We provide archive searching services, online business handling services, and handle publication results.
  • We built an archive digitization management system for 103 courts in a province in China. The three-phase project includes more than 10 million pages of inventory archives.
  • We provided archive digitization services for 30 regional courts in China, handling 60 million pages of archives.
  • We are processing 50 million pages of archives for an insurance company, enabling it to search the archived information quickly and accurately without checking the physical insurance policies.
  • We developed an internal archive publishing application system for a major telecommunications provider in China. The system needed to enable internal searching and reading in eight branches of the client’s business along with a separate processing center and separate archive inventory room. The 50-member Insigma team has processed more than 20 million pages of images since 2005. Processing includes imaging, sorting, scanning, indexing, and quality control.