Corporate Culture

Insigma’s corporate culture is a benefit to our clients. We recognize that both companies’ actions and decisions impact each other and the ability to successfully achieve our clients’ objectives.  The chances for managing to success are greater when there is cultural fit in the working style – the way both companies make decisions and the way they communicate.

Key characteristics of Insigma’s corporate culture and working style:

  • Integrity; ethical
  • Embrace new ideas
  • Entrepreneurial approach to business
  • Teamwork; collaboration
  • Questioning culture
  • “Can-do” attitude
  • Agile, adapt to change
  • Look for opportunities to add value
  • Encourage an environment of looking out for each other’s best interests
  • Focus on innovation

Investment in cultural-awareness programs. When you choose Insigma as your services partner, you’ll  also benefit from our continuous investment in cultural awareness programs for our employees and our clients. We proactively invest in overcoming language and cultural differences. Yet, we also maintain the key elements of China’s culture that make Insigma unique and add value for our clients.

We created a cultural exchange program in China and Boston to share the values and cultures between China and the United States. Each year, under the exchange program, approximately 150 man-months Chinese employees visit the United States and 20 – 30 man-months Americans visit Hangzhou, China. We have sent Chinese language and culture professors to our U.S clients to help them understand China better.