Medical Devices

Technological advancements and customer expectations have created a demand for a new generation of medical devices for hospitals, healthcare clinics, laboratories and consumers. However, this growing industry encounters significant challenges in the form of costly product life cycles, sales and marketing effectiveness and customer support. Another big challenge for medical device firms is ensuring highly skilled resources for an R&D center.

We have the resources and expertise to help you get your products to market faster and more cost-effectively. Our methodology and integrated delivery practices assure you of:

  • Real-time, proactive error detection and management
  • Automated exception management
  • Global end-to-end visibility
  • Robust information flows
  • Quick adaptation to your changes in your business
  • 16-24-hour days for resource utilization in our offshore teams, resulting in better turnaround cycles (2 days’ process output in 1 business day)

In addition, you will benefit from these competitive advantages:

Our solutions include:

  • IT and Business Process Outsourcing servicespatient monitoring, imaging systems, therapeutic devices, in vitro diagnostics
  • End-to-end servicesproduct feasibility, design, prototype and validation; pre-clinical and clinical; regulatory compliance; sales and marketing, enterprise IT, technology support for products
  • Value-added serviceSome of our clients also enjoy a competitive advantage through our large distribution network in China, making us a perfect partner for medical device companies seeking to enter the China market with their products and devices.