Our outsourcing services are around developing innovative, cost-effective IT solutions that help you manage data better, reduce process cycle time, improve quality and accelerate your time to market with new products and services.

Core insurance solutions:

Life insurance: Billing, claims processing and administration, policy life cycle management, quality management services, customer interface and relationship management, disbursements

Pension and annuities: Regulatory compliance, data migration, product modeling, risk evaluation tools and pension calculators, self-service systems, billing and straight-through processing

Property and casualty: Claims processing, performance assessment, policy administration, compliance, documentation and reporting control

Our services also include:

  • Application development and maintenance
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Knowledge services (research and analytics)
  • Process and application reengineering
  • Common platform migrations
  • Self-service portal redesign and modernization
  • Regulatory implementation and compliance
  • IT consulting

We partner with large, multinational insurance firms and small/midsize firms that specialize in niche insurance products.

Learn about our innovation, cost optimization, and our legacy reengineering expertise.

Client example

For a major Chinese insurance group, we set up a data processing center in the province where the client is located to provide inventory business archives scanning services. Equipped with more than 160 Insigma team members and over 30 processing lines with a daily processing capability of 210,000 pages, the center has processed 50 million archive pages since 2007 for the company’s branches in four locations. The data is then submitted to the company’s headquarters, allowing people to search the archived information quickly and accurately without having to check the physical insurance policies.