Service Delivery Model

Our three-pronged service delivery model, illustrated in the diagram below, assures best-fit, precision outcomes for your business.  Our service delivery is a holistic methodology, recognizing the interdependence in elements involved in the overall effort in client services. The synergies in this holistic approach yield the maximum benefits for your organization over the long term.

  • Phase 1 – We protect your business by addressing the gaps and weak links in the business and by performing the blocking and tackling activities (such as regulatory compliance, security, etc.) while you run your business.
  • Phase 2 – We bring analytics and business intelligence tools, along with consulting services, to help understand your business, which then enables us to work collaboratively to improve your business.
  • Phase 3 – We help grow your business by bringing innovative solutions that ensure your organization is competitive in your marketplace.

Using this model, we achieve precise outcomes, which is a key component of our value proposition. In today’s volatile business environment, changes happen in our clients’ businesses that impact solutions. Because of our service delivery model and the collaborative way we work with clients, we’re able to address evolving needs proactively and ensure we still achieve the objective with precision, even under difficult circumstances.

Cost optimization. Cost optimization is a key aspect of our service delivery model. Our framework assures the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost that is optimized to value.

Information security and intellectual property protection. This is crucial to our clients, especially in industries that are data and document intensive (such as financial services and healthcare) where accuracy, privacy and security are top concerns. We have a proven reputation for protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights and for data and information security.