Insigma Ranked Among Fortune 2010 Top 500 Listed Chinese Companies

HANGZHOU (July 14, 2010) – Fortune Magazine (Chinese edition), in partnership with Hong Kong’s Cai Hua Agency, today published the Fortune 2010 500 Chinese Listed Companies. Insigma ranked as number 5 among the listed IT companies and number 388 among the top 500 listed companies.

The Fortune 500 Largest Listed Companies in China are ranked on the basis of various quantitative parameters. In this year’s ranking list, the lowest business operating income was higher than 3.51 billion Yuan. The IT companies listed include: 

86    Digital China Holdings Limited
188 Tencent Holdings Limited
244 Xiamen Xindeco Co., Ltd.188
361 Shanghai Shanda Networking Co., Ltd
388 Insigma Technology Co., Ltd.
390 Shanda Games
415 Baidu
433 Neusoft Group Co., Ltd.
470 NetEase Limited Company