Hongfei Huang, Insigma US CEO, a Panelist at BRICS Connect 2012, Discussing Opportunities and Risks of Strategic Investment in BRICS Countries

NEW YORK (Mar 29, 2012) – Hongfei Huang, CEO of Insigma US, a leading global IT and BPO service provider, was invited to speak at the BRICS Connect 2012 Venture and Strategic Investment Summit, March 28, 2012 at the Citigroup Center in New York. This networking event for industry insiders helps U.S. midmarket companies achieve revenue growth through collaborating and partnering in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Huang was a panelist in the session on “Opportunities and Risks of Strategic Investment in BRICS Countries.” Discussions and topics for the panelists included the recent sputtering of what was once deemed China’s “unstoppable” growth due to mounting debt. The panel discussed signs of an upward growth path. Panelists also talked about whether the West is failing to see the opportunities that India and China see in South Africa.

Other topics discussed among the panelists included India’s stance o retroactive taxation, whether the PR around development in Latin America is overblown or justified, whether Russia will continue its practice of toppling corporate leaders once they reach a certain point of visibility and power, and the session also covered government roles and involvement in BRICS ventures.

About Insigma
Founded in 2001, Insigma is a global strategic service provider working with Fortune 500, midsize, and small companies to bring valued innovation and competitive differentiation to their business. Insigma is recognized for innovation and provides a range of IT and BPO services in the Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy, and e-Government sectors. Insigma’s China headquarters are located in Hangzhou; its U.S. headquarters are in New York City. It has service delivery facilities in more than 30 cities in China, the United States, Japan, and Europe. Insigma brings value to clients through its guiding principle of best-fit, valued business results, combined with global resources, nimbleness to adapt to clients’ priorities, business insights and IT expertise.