Cisco China Chairman and CEO Jim Sherriff Visits Insigma

HANGZHOU (Feb. 18, 2009) On Feb 17, Jim Sherriff, Chairman and CEO of Cisco China, met with Insigma Group executives to explore further business collaborations in a wide range of areas and to deepen cooperative relations in new industries. During the meeting, Sherriff expressed appreciation of Insigma’s business model and its achievements, and spoke highly of the business proposals from Insigma. A consensus on broadening the strategic partnership between Insigma and Cisco was established during the meeting. 

Insigma Technology CEO Lie Shi, Vice President Yi Jiang, Xiaohu Yang and Grace Gu and Insigma Global Service Vice President Liang Cai joined the meeting. 

As a result of the international the economic crisis, Cisco’s China strategy has become the most important part of Cisco’s global strategy. Cisco has set itself the goal of being the transformation partner of China and growing its China business to 10 percent of its overall company revenues – a vision called China 3.0. In a recent public statement, Sherriff stated that Cisco China would keep its promise of investing US$16 billion into China. Driven by Cisco’s differentiated strategy and its vision of China 3.0, Cisco China aims to make China one of the company’s top three world markets in the next five years.

As a China leading network and software company, Insigma has been Cisco’s second largest partner in China. Insigma has been working with Cisco in such areas as distribution, industry-centric IT services and the small and midsized business market. In the context of Cisco’s China strategy, the main point of concern for both Cisco and Insigma is how to enhance their partnership. 

Insigma is a leader in the China-based IT services and outsourcing market, serving clients in the US, China, Japan and UK Powered by Zhejiang University, Insigma experienced 50 percent average growth rate in its outsourcing business consecutively for 7 years. In 2007, the company ranked in second place among the top 25 outsourcing providers in China and fifth place in the software industry in China.